Friday, November 13, 2009

Hair ironing, And usage of conditioner?

I have a wavy hair, And I use a ceramic hair iron. When I iron my hair, it looks straight immediately but gets wavy at the bottom after some times...but stays o.k for the whole day.......(not very straight) and then gets slightly wavy the next day. It never looks moisturised or shiny. :(

But my sis has the same type of hair.... uses the same shampoo......... same iron....same method....same temperature.......but gets a shiny, moisturised finish.......and it stays straight. What can I do to improve? Is any body having the same problem?

Once i read that you should leave the conditioner for abot 10 mins before washing it....... and some says to wash it immediately. Which is correct?

Thanx a lot...!

Hair ironing, And usage of conditioner?


Hair ironing, And usage of conditioner?

Regular conditioners are meant to be rinsed immediately, leaving it on longer has no effect unless it's meant to be (read on the back in instructions)

Try some Paul Mitchell SuperSkinny serum. It works wonders for that wave.

Hair ironing, And usage of conditioner?

It probably all depends on your genes. Just because your sister doesn't have a prob. doesn't mean you won't. My hair is usually wavy and I straighten it 2-3 times a week since it takes ONE HOUR to do, a lot of time. Use Herbal Essence conditioner (pink bottle, smells like flowers) with Fruitese "Sleek %26amp; Shine" for a month. WIth that use Fruitese "Milk Smoothing" product and spray :some: hairspray onto your hair when wet. I have used this method for 4 years now and it has worked great. My hair is really smooth and silky and stays straight all day. Give it a try for a couple months and see what happens.

Good luck :o)

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