Monday, November 16, 2009

!!Hair Quiz!!?

Ok what do you think is nicer.....?

(1)Blonde hair,Brown Hair,Black Hair,Ginger Hair,Dirty Fair Hair, Crazy Colours (pink,green,blue)

(2)Really Long hair (waist length), Long Hair (Below Shoulders), Medium (Shoulders), Short (Above Shoulders)

(3)Straight Hair, Wavy Hair, Curly Hair

(4) Hair Down, Halfup/Half Down , ponytail, plaits(braids), buns

(5)Fringe (full), Side swept fringe, no fringe

lol do it if your bored like me =D xxx

!!Hair Quiz!!?

1. crazy colors

2. short hair

3. straight hair

4. pony or piggies

5. no fringe

so bored. thanks:)

!!Hair Quiz!!?


!!Hair Quiz!!?

really don't care!

!!Hair Quiz!!?

1.blond,brn,blk,spiky,wavy,shaggy,and curly(on guys)



4.on guys spiky,or shaggy..also fringe

!!Hair Quiz!!?

1)brown hair

2)long hair

3)curly hair

4)hair down

5)no fringe

just like my hair! hee hee :)

!!Hair Quiz!!?

1.blonde hair

2.long hair


4.down and ponytail

5.side swept

!!Hair Quiz!!?

blonde and long

!!Hair Quiz!!?

For women, BALD is best!

!!Hair Quiz!!?

blonde, long, wavy, down, side swept.

!!Hair Quiz!!?

brown hair



side swept fringe

!!Hair Quiz!!?


!!Hair Quiz!!?

1.) I like blonde and brown. maybe blue or blueblack mixed in or bright red.

2.) I like really long hair but, not on me. prefer med. on me.

3.)I have wavy hair and am always tring to staighten it.

4.) hair down always unless I am working out or going for the sporty look.

5.)no fringe(whatever that is)

!!Hair Quiz!!?


!!Hair Quiz!!?

really long hair with funky colours.

!!Hair Quiz!!?

1. brown hair

2. long hair

3. wavy hair

4. hair down

5. side swept bangs

!!Hair Quiz!!?

1).. Dark brown with crazy colour

2).. Shoulder length easier to manage long enough to do things


3),, straight .. u can curl/wave it if u want to

4).. mmm depends on where me goin and who with

5).. Side fringe so u can change it

!!Hair Quiz!!?

If it's such a problem shave it off, that can be quite cute.

If you don't like this answer then you obviously know and are wasting everybodys time.....

!!Hair Quiz!!?

Natural good healthy hai is the best.

hair that is cared for at least 2 times a week if you have the time to clean it and comb it every day atleast 4 times should tell you alot about the quality of your hair.

how many times a month do you get a head massage with hot oil and a good shampoo and conditioner.i do mine every week and my hair is mush brighter with a naturalshine and bounce in it.

i take care of my hair by oilying and wearing different hair packs i make meself to condition my roots because the stronger the roots the better the quality of got to feed the roots with good quality conditioners and this will help your hair become strong.

good luck.

!!Hair Quiz!!?

I think any colour, any style any length looks great when looked after and can look sexy too

!!Hair Quiz!!?

(1)blonde hair

(2)long hair

(3)wavy hair

(4)hair down



!!Hair Quiz!!?


!!Hair Quiz!!?

(1)Brown hair

(2)Long hair (below shoulders)

(3)Straight hair

(4)Hair down

(5)side swept fringe

!!Hair Quiz!!?

1. blond hair

2. long hair

3. straight hair

4. hair down

5. side swept fringe

!!Hair Quiz!!?

thats a good question, but i dont think you should look for the answer on yahoo, ask yourself that question good luck!

!!Hair Quiz!!?

I like long or scruffy hair on blokes!!!

Blonde is a favourite too!

!!Hair Quiz!!?

1) Black hair

2)Long hair

3)Wavy hair

4)Half up %26amp; down

5)Side swept

There you go!

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