Monday, November 16, 2009

Hair rebonding .. anyone?

I have nice layered wavy hair.. but they get real ugly when they get all fluffy! .. So I'v always wanted to rebond my hair..

I'm almost 17. I want poker straight hair SoOoOOoo BAD ! Cuz' they really suit my face. And its always like you want the things that you can't get right.. Hmmm, so!

1) Are there any side-effects to it?

2) Does it damage ur hair, cause split ends? n s hit?

3)Is paying 8 grand in indian currency too much for hair rebonding?

4) How long will the effect stay for? And how many days does it take?

5) What do u think I should do.. stick to my wavy hair .. or go for rebonding? I have an almost.. round face.

Hair rebonding .. anyone?

1) There are not any side-effects

2) It doesn't damage your hair, it even repairs split ends, so you don't have to worry about it

3) The price is not too much, apart from straightening, you also get great shine that looks fabulous

4) The whole rebonding process takes 8 hours, after which you have to care not to tuck your hair under your ear, not to tie or braid your hair and do not wash it for 72 hours, after that, you can wash your hair and do whatever you want to, and It stays longer, probably for a lifetime if you care for your hair, you only have to have your hair re-touched where there is new growth, and only on the growth, so there is less upkeep price, and that happens after a year and a half...

5) You should go for rebonding, straight hair is in fashion now a days, and it looks fabulous on almost any face, my sister got her hair rebonded and she looks fabulous MASHA-ALLAH, with a round face, so u don't have to worry about your face cut

Hair rebonding .. anyone?

Why not just get a flat iron. The ceramic work the best.

Hair rebonding .. anyone?

i dont think there would be any side affects

no it doesnt damages ur hair i dont know abot paying in indian currancy my friend did it but she lives in america and it costed her $500 so i dont know about u

i think the effect stays for two to three years but after that they wont get fully fluffy

any ways good luck

Hair rebonding .. anyone?

i'm not entirely sure what you mean by "rebonding", but about flat ironing, if you buy a heat protecting spray, it should protect against the heat of the flat iron, and it'll also help keep your hair straiter longer.

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