Friday, November 13, 2009

Hair scrunching HELP?

My hair is thick and naturally wavy; but it only looks good (not frizzy) when I sleep on it and pull half of it up! I try to scrunch my hair but this is what happens: I take some scrunching gel or mousse and starting grabbing chunks of make hair and pushing the chunks towards my head... sometimes I blow-dry the chunks... it "sets" the gel/mousse, supposively. When I do this, my hair is just weighed down and looks like some with a bad-flat-iron-job and frizzy hair, if you know what I mean. Now, I like to wear my hair wavy, but I don't always have the time to sleep on it first. So please, give me some great products to scrunch my hair and steps to do so for my thick, wavy hair (which, like I told you, looks frizzy and weighed down when I try to scrunch it.)

Hair scrunching HELP?

1 - Spray TexTrix evenly on damp hair. Scrunch curls with a diffuser until hair is completely dry.

2 - Gently work a dime-sized amount of GlowTrix thru hair.

TIP: For straight-out shape and hold, blow-dry with TufTrix and piece with SwitchTrix.

Hair scrunching HELP?

flip your head and tehn scrunch it

Hair scrunching HELP?

when i scrunch my hair...i take a shower...then i put all my hair in a bun and sleep on it...when i wake up i shake it out and scrunch it with my hands and i add a little hairspray or some scrunching spray...i never use gel because it makes my hair look greasy...i hope it helps!

Hair scrunching HELP?

first of all.. when ur washing your hair to scrunch it put some good conditioner in because then if u dont it will just go more frizzy. ii have really really curly hair and if i dont do this it ends up looking like an affro! u can also use this product thats called proclaim and its a glosser that makes it so ur hair doesnt frizz and it makes it look silky and shinny. and another thing while scrunching your hair.. use hair spray... and use a blow dryer while ur hand is scrunching that part of your hair.

good luck... i know how it feels to have frizzy hair.


Hair scrunching HELP?

anything that says "scrunch" or "curls" by Garnier Fructis is great... try their "curl construct mousse" or "curl forming gel" or "hard curl gel". and dont blow dry... those things are scary and DONT help. let it air dry. and sometimes dont overscrunch, just let the mousse or gel take on the natural form of your curls and it SHOULD dry with out too much frizz... if this doesnt work, rub a lil de-frizzing serum through your hair before scrunching...

Hair scrunching HELP?

ok. i have the same problem.

right when you get out of the shower, DO NOT brush your hair, it will stay in place alot longer with it un-brushed.

dry it with a towle, just so its not dripping wet.

then, take gell or hair spray and take your hand at the end of your hair and push it up towrds your head. keep doing it untillits how scrunche you like it. then just let it dry naturally.


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