Monday, November 16, 2009

Scene Hair Problem??!?

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Juliet M

S Scene Hair Problem??!!!?

Okay. I LOVE the Scene Hair style. But I am afraid of what to do for my own hair. I do not want to cut it terribly short, but I do not want many hair extentions. I would want bangs, any kind would do. And recently I just got my hair to be straightened with the Brazilian hair straightening. And it really works for those out there who have strong curly or strong wavy hair. It makes my hair PERFECT for the scene style.

However, I am not sure what would go with my face shape. Also I would like to dye my hair a color, or use the hair extention has a different hair color.

This is me now with my straight hair:

PLease have pictures for references and need information ASAP

Scene Hair Problem??!?

ok, your not alone i love scene hair too but my mom was worried about it and how most scene hair is short and spikey.

So i did some research to find a good site for some ideas and this is the only i use the most the site is notorious for it's hair ideas and also has hair for every kind of person, the catogories sorted by number and each number leads to an album that has different hair albums.

Also i found that scene hair has alot of volume to it so, depending on your cut may depend on weither you have to add all kinds of products and possibly tease your hair( i do).

As far as products go i suggest g2B freeze spray, you can get for walmart for like $5 and it's great for holding volume.

Hoped i help

~ Alyssa

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