Friday, November 13, 2009

Will my hair uncurl itself?

i wasnt born with wavy hair and my hair started to become wavy when i turned 13 because of hormones, my friend told me that. i may look a little weird because chinese dont naturally have wavy hair, but i like wavy hair very much, the natural curls are just better than fake ones. so my question is, will my hair uncurl itself when i finally stop growing? will the hormones stop making my hair wavy? will i lose my precious curls?

Will my hair uncurl itself?

So there are a lot of things that change hair texture. Hormones, health, medication are just a few.

They say that the body doesn't really stabilize until it's in its mid to late teens.

I'm not saying that your hormones changed your hair at 13 but it is a good possibility.

Will your hair straighten out again? Who knows. But when you end up in a relationship and get pregnant beware those hormones will send your body wacky.

I've seen some of my clients when pregnant go from straight to curly, from curly to straight and blonde to a dark color.

So will you lose your curls? Nobody knows....let us know when you get older and pregnant.

Will my hair uncurl itself?

I don't know if hormones are the cause of the curl, could be. Chances are good your hair will keep the curl, at this point. You're lucky, I love curly hair too, but was not blessed with it.

Will my hair uncurl itself?

It depends.Do you have natural curls meaning that your hair just started to get curls on its own.Well then yes maybe.If you curled your hair and put oils and wavy shampoos well then no.

Will my hair uncurl itself?

Wel i dont know but were is thehair you are talking about?

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