Friday, November 13, 2009

How do I tame frizzy and wavy hair?

I hate my hair! It is ALWAYS frizzy and extremely wavy! I've tried many anti-frizz products, and I sometimes straighten my hair, but I don't always have time to! What can I do? I feel so ugly! HELP!

How do I tame frizzy and wavy hair?

It might be best to ask at a Black hair salon.

I'm white and have curly, not frizzy, hair. I have some professional training in chemistry, and a PhD in geology. I researched styling gels recently because I wanted to accentuate my curly hair.

First, I suggest that you use a plain shampoo (I use Suave Balsam and Protein; Suave Clarifying would also be a good choice) and no rinse/conditioner.

Curl relaxers contain strong alkalis. Ask a Black stylist (i.e. a stylist experienced with Black hair, regardless of her/his own race) what would happen if you followed shampooing with a mild alkali, say baking soda.

If they say it is okay, measure a generous amount of baking soda and put it in an empty shampoo bottle. Fill the bottle half full and shake vigorously until dissolved. Fill completely full. To use, pour liberally over your hair after washing out the shampoo. Leave it in until you finish bathing, then rinse it out.

If you don't get good results the first day, pour out all the solution and mix a new batch, measuring more baking soda. By measuring, you will know how much to use, whereas, if you just pour some in, you won't know how much you need. Baking soda is cheap and you can dissolve a lot of it in water.

Next, read the ingredients of styling gels. Many of them contain oils, fats, or waxes. The important ingredient to have is PVP. Try to get one that lists PVP, PVP/VA, or VA as the second ingredient; water should be the first. You will need to experiment with the correct amount to use. Too much makes your hair set up like it was glued, too little won't hold.

I use Suave Anit-Frizz Smothing Gel, Extra Hold-7.

How do I tame frizzy and wavy hair?

try Anti-Frizz cream, by Pantene Pro-V, or Curvaceous Curls mouse by VO5, they work for me cuz i have curly hair. also, dont scrunch your hair it creats more frizz

How do I tame frizzy and wavy hair?

Spray on some detangler and braid your hair at night, it takes time, but its worth the non hassle in the morning. Also there's a website u can sign up on to get different hair ideas and maintain healthy hair without all the heat and/or over processed hair. The website is:

Check out her page, then u can sign on you own or not. Good luck!

How do I tame frizzy and wavy hair?

try "Brilliant" by AVEDA. its an anti-humectant.

How do I tame frizzy and wavy hair?

a nice hair cut might help!!!

How do I tame frizzy and wavy hair?

put water on ur hair it'll take away the frizz!! and its chaper nd faster.. especially whn ur in a rush!!!

How do I tame frizzy and wavy hair?

To get rid of frizziness try Frizz Ease. When I wash and go it gets rid of that. You have to use a lot though. To get rid of waves...try a really good flat iron.

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