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What are all the Hair straightening techniques exist for wavy hair?

I have long wavy hair and wanna do strainghtening! Do straightnening cause baldness?

What are all the Hair straightening techniques exist for wavy hair?

1. Conditioner for oily hair

I have naturally oily, straight hair and I used a shampoo with conditioner and then applied a leave-in conditoner to prevent static. It worked! I used mousse and a bit of hair spray and was static-free almost all day.

2. static....

i get static hair all the time...for short releif of it, use a dryer sheet. i dont know what it is that helps but it does! don't use it for very long though.

3. Moisturizer for hair Rebecca Featherston

Several years ago I was introduced to SEBASTION Potion #9. This is a leave in hair moisturizer, not a conditioner. It's used in place of, after you shampoo. Use it regularly throughout the winter months and you will notice a difference!

4. Winter hair rejuvination Rebecca

Get your hairstylist to color your hair with REDKIN SHADES...this is a conditioning, non-peroxide color wash, you can brighten your hair color by using the shades and mixing with clear to tone down to an acceptable level for your taste. This is a great treatment for the wintertime, it brightens your hair, and deep conditions it at the same time. You'll be hooked after one treatment!

5. Fly Away Hair

If you are having trouble with fly away hair try this. Rinse hair, after shampooing, every now and then with a good liquid clothes conditioner. It greatly cuts down the static in your hair.

6. Surefire Success

Keep your hat on till spring, maybe early summer.

7. To Fight Static...

I have super long (3 1/2 ft. from crown to tips), super thin, super straight hair and static in the winter is a nightmare for me. I have learned 3 good ways of combating it however. #1 Keep a trial size bottle of a leave in spray conditioner with you at all times (you can buy these in drug stores for pennies). #2 Run a dryer sheet over your hair. #3 Spray something like Static Guard over your hair (this may stink but it's effective).

8. Smooth Hair

My stylist told me that when you rinse out your conditioner, you should use colder water. When you look at a piece of hair under a microscope, it looks like the shingles of a roof. When you use colder water to rinse out your conditioner, it closes those "shingles" and makes your hair smoother.

9. Better hair

Before showering, I comb my hair one last time. This helps to distribute the natural oils in your hair. When in the shower, I usually comb my conditioner into my hair paying special attention to the tips because this is where your hair has less moisture. When I'm done I usually blast cold water onto my hair. This helps with keeping the hair moisturized since it closes the hair shaft and it makes your hair extremely shiny.

What are all the Hair straightening techniques exist for wavy hair?

try a hair staightening iron f ur in a rush.but if u rily want 2 have 8 stratened dat will last 4 a few months, try having 8 rebonded.salons now a days offer rebonding n straitening in jst 1 application.iu had mine done and i'm happy w/d result.8s an investment..:)

What are all the Hair straightening techniques exist for wavy hair?

If you want to get the most amazingly gorgeous shiny straight hair in the world, u can use a chi. They're like over 200 bucks but they work so good. But if not, wring your hair out after washed, don't scrunch, use a hair-straightening balm to put in when damp, and then use a bristled clamp that's heat activated and pull hard down the shafts of your hair with the clamp while blowdrying. Then retouch with a straightening iron. Then if u want really shiny hair, then use Aveda Spray-on Shine. Either spray it directly on your hair, or just on your hand and then smooth your hair down with your palms. That Aveda stuff is so shiny it gives you a halo, it's awesome. cuz what's the point of straight hair if it's dull? It's gotta be shiny. And no, straightening doesn't cause baldness unless you're reefing too hard on the clamp and u pull out your hair! lol.

What are all the Hair straightening techniques exist for wavy hair?

If you dint want to go for a permanent solution, you'll have to blow dry it. If you want something really permanent and get bone strait hair you can get Japanese straightening.(which can be really expensive) If you want something in between use a relaxer which is what I did. You'll still have some waves but it won't be frizzy and it'll be easier to blow dry. Ive been straightening by hair at the salon for 3 years and its still healthy. I haven't lost any hair and I never heard that happen to anyone else. The worst that could happen with straightening is your hair can get damaged if the stuff they use at the salon is too harsh for your hair type.

What are all the Hair straightening techniques exist for wavy hair?

well if u want to straighten ur hair u can go to a salon and get it chemically done and that will last upto 6months. or you can get a hair straightner and do it urself at home. just take sections of ur hair and pull with the hair straightner along the length of ur hair.

no straightening ur hair won't coz baldness. it will cause hairfall if u get it done chemically but not baldness.

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