Friday, November 13, 2009

My hair is so difficult...kinda...?


well everyday i straighten myy hair. i kno its bad...but idkk.

I really want wavy hair, my hair is long but not as long as mileys ot vanessa hudgens had it. I have thick hair but not very very very thick [thts my friends hair]. Its just thick.

Im really tired of havving straight hair everyday. I have seen my hair wavy once, and I liked it.

Today its like that and I havent straighted it. Just a little underneath. But like its really poofy on the topsides.

I use mousse, sumtimes but it really doesnt work. n then i really dont want to use hairspray to make my hair all hard.

the waves are kinda wearin out right now.

do you kno how to make my hair like vannessa hudgens had her waves.

And do you kno how to help me take away the big poof on the topsides when my hair is wavy and i like it?

thank you and i love youu very mucho.


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My hair is so difficult...kinda...?

to get this kind of style first you should blow dry your your hair straight, dont use straightening irons, because on thick hair the result just isnt good. when you have blow dried your hair straight, then put them in rollers, the bigger the roller, the looser the curl, once you are ready, spray it with a soft hair spray, leave them in for a few hrs, then after you remove them, run your fingers through them to separate curls. good luck!

My hair is so difficult...kinda...?

I use gel that's "flexible". they have numbers on the bottle telling you how much hold it gives and I usually get a 2 or 3. but you just rub it on your hands and get it all in your hair when it's a little bit wet and shake your hair with your fingers and then when it dries it should by wavy. mine is. lol

My hair is so difficult...kinda...?

ok, first straighten it, then get some gel and sqrinch it.

that should do the trick but its alot of work

My hair is so difficult...kinda...?

Your hair is exactly like mine! I have to starighten my hair Everyday( so bad, lol) but i did want curly hair like you. I bought this hair product called, got2Bee, and its actually to get straight hair! I would starighten my hair every morning and then take some of the hair product in my hand and then take sections of my hair and cruch it up together. It works a lot better if you put hair spray in afterwards,( so it stays in all day) lol. But i hope this works for you! I know exactly how you feel!lol

Good Luck!

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