Friday, November 13, 2009

Hair + sleeping = mess!?

so my hair is super thick, wavy, frizzy, and really poofy!

i want to keep the natural wave in but get rid of the frizz!

reccomend me:

-shampoo/conditioner (for wavy hair)

-styling products (for wavy hair)

i also flat iron my hair/blow dry sometimes so the prodcuts/shampoo would have to involve heat protection and moisture.

help!!!! 10 points!!

Hair + sleeping = mess!?

If you had a cute Buzz Cut, your hair worries would be over-- you could just get up %26amp; go!

Hair + sleeping = mess!?

pantene prov has a good, solid reputation for many different kinds of hair problems. I would take a look at what they have to offer you at the drugstore. Sorry if that doesn't seem very helpful.

Hair + sleeping = mess!?

Hair + hair net + sleeping = happiness.

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