Monday, November 16, 2009

What could i do with wavy hair??

what kind of style do

people with wavy hair do!!

Could u recomded any conditiors??

or do u no any websites with good advice??

what could i doo with it??

What could i do with wavy hair??

I have wavy hair so I know exactly what to do when it comes to washing it. Here is what I do to make my locks perfect:

1. Wash it with a shampoo meant for curly hair. It will fatten up your waves and make them look great! Never wash with a shampoo that it meant for straight hair or it'll make your waves look boring, blah and lifeless.

2. Wash every other day instead of everyday. I wash my hair every three days. Wavy hair looks best the day after you wash it and unless it gets dirty, stinky or greesy fast avoid washing it too often.

3. Wash with cold (never hot!) water to keep your hair looking smooth, shiney and soft.

4. When shampooing, shampoo only with roots. That way, it won't dry out your hair. Letting the shampoo run through your hair while rinsing it will clean them good enough.

5. When conditioning, never wash your roots, only your ends. Use extra, extra condition (make sure to rinse well!) to smooth out fried ends and to make extra silky.

6. Never blow-dry, which can cause heat damage and fry your hair, plus can add frizz. I let my hair airdry everytime and its super healthy.

7. You don't need to buy any expensive condtioners. Just go to a drug-store (Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, Rite Aid) and look at all the different products they have. Look and see what they good and fine a nice one that is meant for curly hair. If you have dry hair, try finding one that is also meant for dry hair. If not, just look and see which will suit your hair's needs the best. If that doesn't work out, just buy something different the next time!

8. Last but not least, always change up the brand of your shampoo and condioner to keep them working right. If you use the same one over to many times, they'll stop working their majic. So never buy a jumbo-size amount! I hope this helps!

What could i do with wavy hair??

grow it long and look like a sports star

What could i do with wavy hair??

sunsilk straight and sleek purple tube wash hair with that and blow dry it straight ot straighten your hair with a hair iron

What could i do with wavy hair??

get used to it you were made to look the way you look to be an individual and to be Unique not to follow trends and follow what other people think is stylish its foolish just be yourself...and if you cant deal with that well then straighten it...

What could i do with wavy hair??

Try this site

What could i do with wavy hair??

oh my god theres so much you can do with wavy hair! you can get it really layered and grow it long, you can always straighten it, and personally i think that wavy hair in ponytails is really cute.

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