Monday, November 16, 2009

Hair style tips asap!!?

Ok, so i washed my hair this morning and let it air dry today. I'm goin out later tonight, and need some ideas on how to style my hair without using a flat iron or curling iron. I know, doesnt leave me with too many options since I didnt apply and gel or volumizing mousse. Also wandering if there are any products I can apply after my hair has dried? When my hair air dries, its pretty straight, but a little wavy also. Guess what I'm trying to say is its not the real big volumed wavy hair, but straight with some waves. I'm trying to stay away from the blow dryer and any hot irons right now, to give my hair a break. I'm considering not doing anything to it, except maybe pulling the top sides back in a little clip and goin for the undone "kinda messy" do! B/C to me it actually looks ok, just wandering if anyone had any ideas. Maybe i've answered my own question, but any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Goin very casual tonight, so I dont wanna do too much to it. Thanks girls!!!

Hair style tips asap!!?

put it in a scrunchy

Hair style tips asap!!?

Hmm. I know just the thing.

Take a little curl enhancing gel, or scrunching gel and scrunch your hair all over, giving it careless and beachy waves. Take the front and pin it back on you head in the middle with only a small hump.

Simple. And you're ready to go.

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