Friday, November 13, 2009

Hair problems, bringing out natural waves?

okay so i have in between straight %26amp; wavy hair.

its straight at the ends, and kinda wavy in the middle.

basically looks horrible unless i straighten it or do something.

but i like the look of wavy hair %26amp; i wanna switch things up a bit.

i've tried scrunching gel, and it didnt work so well...

i have hair kind of in the middle, not too thick, not too fine either. sorry thats not helpful. its not overly frizzy or anything.

so how do i get curly hair without a curling iron, or hot rollers?

Hair problems, bringing out natural waves?

Use a curl-enhancing shampoo. When you get out of the shower, towel dry - no brushing. Then when your hair is still wet use a curl-enhancing cream and work it into your hair, scrunching the bottom. If you shower at night, go to sleep with wet hair. If it's in the morning, leave it dry - no blowdrying. This should leave your hair pretty wavy. The top might need some extra help, so you might have to use a curling iron.

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