Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Short haircut for thick, coarse, wavy hair?

I have thick, coarse, wavy hair, dark brown. Right now it's about 3-4 inches below shoulder length, but I'd like to cut it short, since I haven't done it before, to shoulder length or above. Is there a hairstyle that would work with my type of hair? I have an oval face and a petite body.

Short haircut for thick, coarse, wavy hair?

i think it would work if you had some layers and texturizing. if you have very think hair and you cut it above your shoulders with no layers, you could look a triangle-head (like that lady in the dilbert cartoon strip), so make sure you get a cut that gives you some depth and some volume.

go to this website and look at the jessica biel picture. what do you think of something like that?

also, look at the meg ryan one on this page

if you don't like those two, theres a bunch more on that website to look at and get ideas. then bring a pic to your stylist to give her an idea of what you want.

Short haircut for thick, coarse, wavy hair?

Hmm a few short layers may work nicely. Use texture shears on it. Depends on how short you were planning. If its not thick at the crown a crop may look ok.

Short haircut for thick, coarse, wavy hair?

I have thick, coarse, curly hair. But i am shure that what I would do might help you with your decision. When i got my hair cut it was a little longer than your was. The lady that cut my hair said the cut and style was for longer hair, when she finally got it done it was about 5 inches from the cut that i wanted it to be! So i suggest that if you want it cut short,

1. find the style that you want

2. Ask your hair stylist to fix or change the cut how you would like it.

3. If it is still to long when done, ask the stylist to cut more.

(when the stylist asks "is that good?" don't be afraid to say no)

Hopefully next time i will take my own advice, good luck!

Short haircut for thick, coarse, wavy hair?

omg u sound EXACTLY like me!! i got my hair cut just the other day but its a lil below my shoulders.... the lady made it way pretty cuz she gave me layers and side bangs and she flipped the layers out when she dried them....

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